Your Bathroom Looks and Your Everyday Activity

by Charles Read on

The correlation between one’s personality and one’s living area is fairly well known. What’s not always known is exactly how the correlation works. Is it that humans tend to set up their living space in such a way as to showcase their personality? Or is it that one’s living space slowly has an effect on their personality? It’s hard to say, but one thing is certain; having your bathroom looking great can have a huge impact on your day.

There are the basic things, of course. If the bathroom is clean and all your toiletries are laid out efficiently, you’ll be able to get ready for the day much more quickly and easily. If you have to spend several minutes fumbling around for your toothpaste and your hair gel, it can leave you a bit grumpy. But that’s not the only way the look of your bathroom can affect your personality.

It’s well known that bright, cheerful colors can make a person feel happier. For instance, the color red can make you feel more lively and energetic. That could be something you really want every morning, as it could be more effective than a cup of coffee! Meanwhile, the color blue can make a person feel calm and peaceful. If you find yourself often feel stressed after a long day at work, you could go into your bathroom, which could be painted with a number of blue hues, and that relaxing bath you plan to take could be even more relaxing!

San Diego Bathroom RemodelingThose aren’t the only colors that can have an effect on your mood, though. Every color has various effects, and if you’re being especially clever, you can mix and match the various colors in order to give yourself multiple boosts. Painting your bathroom in both blue and pink could well double the calm, peaceful feelings!  But wait, if you happen to be in San Diego like my aunt, there is the Cornerstone Bathroom Remodeling who is behind her good looking and elegant bathroom and way cheaper remodeling company around the area.

Ultimately, you should do some research and figure out what effects the various colors can have on your mood. Knowing what colors have what effect, you’ll be able to remodel your bathroom in such a way as to help give you the emotional boost you need. After all, you spend quite a bit of time in your bathroom, especially first thing in the morning and right before bed. Those are the two times when it’s most important to get off on the right foot. And having your bathroom looking bright and beautiful is the first step to doing that.

Written by: Charles Read

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