Contested Divorce and Divorce Mediators

by Charles Read on

In most of the contested divorces, the spouses may not be able to come to an agreement on specific issues especially division of marital asset and the custody of the children. When this happens, the litigation process becomes protracted and may take longer before it can be concluded. If you are in this predicament, you should seek for help from divorce mediators like Liaise Divorce Solutions LLC I found online and heard of their satisfactory service if I may help you.

As a law firm, Liaise can do two things for you; act as a mediator between the couples or represent your interests in a court of law until the court delivers a final ruling.

When you contract to these mediators, they will follow a simple procedure to help arrive at solution to your problem. Among the things they will do include;

•    Organize for a meeting with you where the matter is discussed
•    Serve your spouse with a petition
•    Allow your spouse to respond to the petition / responding to a petition if you have been served with one.
•    Move to the discovery stage where more details are established
•    Settlement
•    Move to full trial
•    Post trial motion
•    Launch an appeal

Mediators/attorneys gather all the documents and the details pertaining to children, marital assets, or any other issue at hand.  After this, a divorce document will be prepared and filed in a court of law.

Once the petition is filed, they will serve your spouse using any of the recommended methods such as using a deputy sheriff and email. In a case where they cannot be able to locate your spouse, they shall have the same published in the newspaper and wait for the pre-determined amount of time to lapse before moving to the next stage.

However, if your spouse does not respond to the petition within 30 days, he or she may be in default meaning you will obtain a default judgment. However, if she responds, your case shall move to the discovery or settlement stage.

At the discovery stage, mediators shall strive to obtain more information about the marital assets, custody, income and any other relevant information related to the case in question. This can be done through written interrogatories, requests and depositions.  At this stage, the spouse may request for temporary orders for alimony or child support from the court.

As a reliable divorce mediator, they will encourage the wearing spouses to come to an agreement before the court makes its ruling. If the judge orders that mediation be done, we shall try to help to negotiate and have the issue settled out of court. However, if it does not work it will continue with the case.

At the trial, mediators shall organize your witnesses, assemble the evidence so that they can argue the case and allow the judge to hear the two sides before he can deliver the judgment. If the case is not complex, it may take a short period of time before the judgment is delivered. If mediators are not satisfied they shall appeal against the ruling and ensure that you obtain a favorable judgment.

Written by: Charles Read

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